Cümleleri Birbirine Bağlamak İçin Kalıplar

1 - Conjunctions

Time : Zaman
Before : We will visit our clients before we have lunch. / Öğle yemeği almadan önce müşterilerimizi ziyaret edeceğiz
After : You can sell this merchandise after we open new season./ Sen (Siz) Bu malları biz yeni sezonu açtıktan sonra satabilirsin(iz).
While : The manager can read while the salesman talks.
When : The salesman can start work when he is ready

Because The client doesn’t want the car because it is expensive
So ……that The salesman works so much that he does not have time to eat

But : The company makes much money but no profit.
Although : Although he works hard he can not earn money.

2 - Adverbial Phrase

Before that He will go on a business trip. Before that I will train him.
After that ……….
And then I will train him first. Then he will go on a sales tour.
During this time I will give you a lecture. During this time please make notes.

Because of this : The costs are high. Because of this we can not make money
This is why : The costs are high. That is why we don’t make money.
As a result : The costs went up. As a result we can not make profit.

However : The costs went up. However we can still make profit.
Nevertheless …..

3 - Preposition

After : The boss wants to see you after the meeting.
During : My client called me during a very busy time.

Because of : The client does not want to buy because of the high price.
Due to ………

In spite of : The client bought the car in spite of the high price.

in order to : This year we must reduce our costs in order to make money